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The house
The children's home is situated on the outskirts of Pokhara, at the foot to the impressive Annapurna Massif. It is recognized as the non-profit organization "Oppressed Welfare Center" in Nepal. Despite the assessment and recognition of the charity by the government, there is no public funding in Nepal for associations such as this one.
The children
Today, 12 children between the ages of five and eighteen live in the house. They come from very poor families, many of them are half-orphans or orphans.

A matron lives with the children and cares for them. Every day, two teachers are provided for the children for approximately four hours, to help with school work. Moreover, various pedagogical programmes are offered to foster the aptitudes and abilities of the children.

The Thapa family
The house is carefully and lovingly run by Sajana and Shiva Thapa, They are keen on watching out for the children's best interests. By this means, it has become possible to give the children a feeling of safety and security.

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