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Contrasts. In two worlds.

The democratic federal republic of Nepal is a country between two worlds. Modern, open and ambitious on the one hand; on the other hand it is still shaped by the influence of the caste system that makes it appear limiting and sometimes reactionary.

The recent political developments have brought dramatic change: during the past 20 years Nepal has changed from an absolutist monarchy to a democratic federal republic. On 28 May 2008 the republic was established, on 28 August 2011 the current prime minister was elected. It is expected that the new constitution will be adopted in 2012.

In this environment, the Nepalese caste system seems to be a limiting constant: For almost 2000 years it has divided the population into acceptable higher caste members and “untouchables”. This is an anachronism that seems to contradict the country’s current political evolution.

Thus, Nepal is a nation unlike any other on the Asian continent – it has its own specific characteristics: contrasts in two worlds. These characteristics make it worthwhile for visitors to form their own view of the current situation and future developments.

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