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Culture shock in Kathmandu.

Most western travellers arrive on an international flight in Kathmandu – and immediately all their senses are overwhelmed by this wonderful country. The lively capital assails you with scents, sounds and colours. There are people everywhere, a tiny temple on the street corner, left of you a small shop. Careful, the road surface has been ripped open over there, and right next to it a street vendor is praising his vegetables. Look out, move out of the way, a rickshaw is barrelling around the corner!

Kathmandu is a great place to stimulate all your senses – to their limits. It is also a great place to experience the slow village life in a calm side street. Or moving a bit outside of the city, to admire Swayambunath, the impressive temples where Hindu and Tibetan-Buddhist religions are practised peacefully side by side.

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