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Nepal is most famous for its mountains – a large number of the six to eigth thousand metre high peaks with their snow covered summits dominate the impressive landscape of the Himalayas. Recreational trekkers will find plenty of achievable trails in the medium elevations between two and three thousand metres. A healthy constitution and sure-footedness are the main requirements to explore the beauty of the mountains on foot.

In addition to being a paradise for trekkers and hikers, Nepal still has a lot more to offer: unspoilt towns such as Bhaktapur with its car-free centre that invites you to relax and explore; pilgrim sites, sacred to the Buddhist and Hindu religions where you can learn about these faiths first hand; or the Terai region, the lowlands bordering India, that has a tropical climate in which crocodiles and rhinoceroses thrive.

But at the heart of the country are the people. It is the different ethnic groups living here that make small Nepal so special, seemingly crowded by the giant nations of India and China. It is these people who welcome all visitors in such a friendly and open way, who have given us the inspiration to found DENK e.V.

Join us and help us open the doors to the future together with them!

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