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Coming from Europe, you will find the traffic in the streets of Kathmandu and all over Nepal unfamiliar and confusing. Three wheeled bicycle rickshaws, motorcycles which sometimes carry whole families, and cars jostle for space with pedestrians as well as light commercial vehicles. Over there is a massive pot-hole, right here the road is being repaired. For western eyes, it seems completely chaotic and more than once you wonder if an accident can be averted. But most of the time it works – people maintain eye contact, are considerate of one another. It is a miracle that there are not more accidents.

On the country roads, you will see busses, lorries, tourist coaches, cars and motorcycles. Nothing unusual about this. However, the busses have suitcases, boxes and wicker baskets strapped to the roofs. In addition, some travellers have climbed onto the roof as well to find a comfortable space while others are holding on to the open doors of the moving vehicle because the interior of the bus is so crowded. The lorries are painted in all colours and some drivers’ doors are decorated with the image of the god Shiva. The filling stations for the motorcycles are often wooden sheds with a few petrol cans inside. You travel from place to place - and are continuously amazed.

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